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Koji Maegawa Professor

Safe and comfortable national life and economic activities are built on infrastructure providing many services of water-supply, waste-disposal, electric power, telecommunications, transportation and preventing disaster from floods, landslides, pollution etc.. Unfortunately, we are not conscious of the infrastructure, since they are quite common in daily life. The engineer who creates the safe and comfortable environment is called as a Civil Engineer. The School of Environmental Design supports students who are eager to plan, design and construct the social infrastructure.
The School of Environmental Design consists of three courses, i.e., Civil Engineering Course, Environment and Disaster Prevention Course, and Urban and Transportation Design Course. The courses are closely related to each other, and students are free to participate in the classes of other courses.
I am confident that you can start your highly motivated campus life in Kanazawa University to become an honorable Civil Engineer who will be active in creating the infrastructure in the world.

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